Save Indian Trans ALLINDIA Lives: COVID-19 Relief Resources

Food/Health kits distribution

As the requests for support pour in, our food and health kits continue to be distributed. Thus far, we have supported Trans Hijra communities in Rajasthan, Nagaland, Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka. Our Food kits are aimed to include 10 kgs of rice, 5 kgs of wheat flour, 2 kg of lentils, cooking oil, and spices as available with suppliers and within the allotted budget. Health kits include masks, medicines, and hand sanitizers. We have provided emergency funds to those infected with COVID and helped with emergency housing. Our operations central hub is in Hyderabad, Telangana to ensure we are in proximity to the top states that have the highest Hijra Trans Intersex populations in India which are Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra & Kerala in that order.

Each food kit costs between Rs.800-1700 and medical costs between Rs.220-400depending on our supplier pricing and their availability. Quotes are being held only for 24 hours and prices are coming back to 60-70% higher than normal prices. Each food kit lasts for about 10 days for 1 individual for 2 meals per day. Given the challenge of not having enough funds, we are distributing one kit to at least 2 people and asking them to share, thereby making the food kit last only for 5-6 days at the most. We need to gather enough funds to conduct a second round of distribution to ensure folx have continued supply of rations.

Our process of distribution, outreach and support begins with local coordinators, our SITAL warriors, reaching out to close knit gharanas and communities to gather the names and details (phone number, location/city/district) along with their needs. Once the list is gathered, it is discussed at review meetings on what the community needs across food/safety/vaccine/health areas and managed to available funds. Once health kits, food kits and other items like medical items are confirmed for the said community, the coordinator collects the kits from our warehouse/storage place and distributes them in the community gathering point following the list gathered prior to the drive.

Despite lockdowns and strict commuting rules, our SITAL warriors have been able to reach these communities while wearing full PPE suits and taking all safety precautions. Once they arrive at the gathering point, they show the health video in local languages to the community on how to stay safe and follow social distancing, avoid infection, and look for symptoms etc.

Dire cash flow constraints given that GoFundMe, the only source of SITAL effort, are not yet released, a lot of distribution and community needs had to be met in very limited capacity, and this will continue through the 25th of the month when GFM funds are expected to be released.

Our Team

Our core team of SITAL warriors identify as Trans Hijra Women and non-binary Folx. We are effectively managing the operations, distributions and mobilizing communities, educating about COVID prevention ways. The chair for SITAL is Rachana Mudraboyina, a legendary Trans activist based in Hyderabad who has worked with Hijra Trans communities for over two decades across India. Her primary focus is on driving operations, leading teams, working with communities and its leaders, Anjali Rimi is the president of ParivarBayArea working to drive the framework of the initiative, develop strategic relationships and fundraise for the effort. Our own community has Doctors, nurses and social workers within our community are part of distribution and outreach efforts. 

How to support us

Our greatest need is to mobilize funds to meet the urgent needs of the community, there are many other ways to financially support us:


To donate funds to SITAL from anywhere in the world, please visit our GoFundMe: Save Indian Trans ALLINDIA Lives- COVID.

Donate within US: Paypal
Thru our fiscal sponsor Center for Immigrant Protection – LGBT Asylum Project.

To donate within US directly to ParivarBayArea through PayPal to our fiscal sponsor: LGBT Asylum Project. It will show as: Center for Immigrant Protection (EIN# 47-5301730)

Include “For ParivarBayArea- SITAL” in the comments.

Donate within India

To donate within India or if you are NRI with an Indian bank account, you can send funds to:
Trans Equality Society
A/C No: 39503755941
State Bank of India
IFSC: SBIN0015853
Plot No 38,48,58, Patwari enclave near HP gas agency
Gandhi Nagar, Chintal, Hyderabad 500001
Tel: 40-23876533

Employee Matching

To donate through employee matching programs: Benevity, BrightFunds, etc, please look for “Center for Immigrant Protection”

Other ways to support SITAL

In addition to supporting us with funds, other ways to support SITAL and save Trans Hijra lives of India include:

  1. SHARE about SITAL efforts on your social media handles- IG/FB/Twitter. Posts of our demonstrated work on the ground can be found under @parivarbayarea & @anjalirimi handles. Share our ecommerce site, a southasian store by southasian Trans folx. 
  2. Checkout our distribution drives and community interactions at PARIVARYOUTUBECHANNEL
  3. Demonstrated work is also shown on and @parivarbayarea @anjalirimi IG/FB handles.
  4. Offer your time, resources, infrastructure or technology in helping find transportation and other logistical needs in reaching Hijra Trans communities that are in rural India and/or socially isolated. 
  5. Offer your expertise in marketing, social media skills, creative design and artwork, communications, fundraising methods, and outreach areas. Reach out to to help us out. Connect us with your funder networks.
  6. #SITAL in your posts to help the hashtag trend.

Donate Directly to Relief Organizations

Emergency Oxygen, COVID meds & CT scans for domestic workers, rickshaw pullers, factory workers 

Location: New Delhi India
Who runs it: Dr. Khullar for Choti Choti Khushiyan NGO (
Platform: Milaap
Target: $6748/ Rs. 5,00,000
Current: $1937.22/ Rs. 1,43,262
Accepts foreign funds: Yes!

• I, Dr. Varun Khullar, have started supply of free medicines, X-Ray, CT scan and oxygen concentrators for the needy and underprivileged. Along with food drives for the poor we will supply a pack of essential medicines for 7 days costs around 800-1000 rs which we will be providing them for free.
• Anyone with a BPL Card or house helps/ maids/ drivers/ factory worker/ rickshaw pullers shall be given priority in this facility.
• All of this will be done through our NGO ‘Chhoti Chhoti Khushiyan’

Transgender persons in South Bengal need food, rent relief and medicines urgently 

Location: Ranaghat, West Bengal
Who runs it: Nadia Ranaghat Sampriti Organization
Platform: Milaap
Target: $11,150 /Rs.8,25,000
Current: $10775.85/Rs. 7,96,899
Accepts foreign funds: Yes!

  • To maintain social distancing, trans and gender-diverse communities in the South Bengal have lost their main sources of livelihood- begging and sex work. Consequently, we are struggling to pay for our basic needs – food, rent, electricity, and medical bills.
  • Nadia Ranaghat Sampriti, a community-based organization has been supporting trans people for the last one year. However, our funds have dried up and we need to raise Rs 8,25,000 to support about 250 trans and gender-diverse people across Nadia, Hooghly, Murshidabad, and parts of North 24 Parganas districts in Bengal for at least the next three months.

Sanitation workers, Dalit manual scavengers need  PPE and COVID care

Location: New Delhi and other cities
Who runs it: U. of Michigan grad students for Safai Karamchari Andolan
Platform: GoFundMe
Target: $20,000 / Rs. 14,81,960
Reached: $19,573/ Rs.14,46,333.51
Accepts oreign funds: Yes!

  • Funds will be used to procure PPE and address the immediate rehabilitation needs of sanitation workers.
  • Safai Karamchari Andolan(translation Sanitation Workers’ Movement), is a non-profit based in New-Delhi, India led by Ramon Magsaysay awardee Bezwada Wilson. The organization aims to eradicate manual scavenging and rehabilitate scavengers for dignified occupations.

Help India’s Most Invisible Frontline Covid Workers –Waste Pickers 

Location: Bangalore
Target: $71,428 / Rs. 52,94,600
Reached: $65396.43/ Rs. 48,32,425
Foreign Funds: Yes

  • India’s most invisible and vulnerable communities through the pandemic have been those handling our covid-infected garbage. Waste-pickers, an already severely marginalized group made up mostly of women, children, and Dalits, have been pushed to the brink in the pandemic. Despite having to continue their work through the lockdowns, they have had little to no financial, medical or welfare protection. 
  • Food and medical support for 6,000 affected waste-picker families.
  • Ration kits: 10 kg rice, 2kg dal, 1 kg sugar, 1 kg salt, tea powder, chilli powder, oil, soaps, and masks. Each kit costs us about Rs. 1200, to buy, assemble and dispatch. Medical and sanitation kits for families with Covid+ members: Generic medicines and nutrition supplements, disinfectants, hygiene products, childcare products, patient care products, etc. and cost of medical assistance and services. 

COVID care for domestic workers, sewage cleaners, farmworkers

Location: New Delhi, India
Who runs it: Helping Hands Charitable Trust (Delhi Solidarity Group)
Platform: GiveIndia
Target: $40,447/ Rs. 29,94,499
Current: $19869.62/ Rs.14,68,252
Accepts foreign funds: Yes!

Delhi Solidarity group is providing critical covid care like doctor consultations,  medical needs,  medicines, food, oximeters, thermometers to domestic workers, sewage cleaners, laborers in the farmworker unions, water recyclers who are at risk. 

people with HIV and trans persons w/ loss of livelihood and COVID care  

Location: Ulhasnagar, Kalyan and Bhiwandi, Thane
Who runs it: Sreelesh Alias Yoga Nambiar, LGBTQ community organizer
Platform: Ketto
Target: $ 114,285 /Rs.84,69,376
Reached: $5574 / Rs. 13,43,293
Accepts foreign funds: Yes!

Transgender and HIV positive people based in Ulhasnagar, Kalyan and Bhiwandi, Thane Dist. are looking for groceries and medicine support. HIV positive people are on ART medicine and now getting side effects of medicine due to lack of nutritious food.

Meals For Covid Patients, Migrant Workers, Daily Wage Laborers & Homeless

Location: Delhi, India
Run by: Red Bricks Cafe, Delhi
Platform: Ketto
Target: USD 10,00,000/ USD 13,493
Reached: USD 2,62,106/ USD 3536
Accepts foreign funds: Yes!

  • Red Bricks Café has restarted its “Free Meal Campaign” endeavor. This time they are also delivering food to families who have tested positive, attendants, migrant workers, and more
  • Donations will be used to help those who are in isolation and unable to cook, those experiencing hunger including an increased number of wage laborers, stranded migrant workers, homeless, and more

Help Us Save A Life

Location: Maharashtra
Who runs it: Ninad Parikh and Swaraj Dohale
Platform: Milaap
Target: $13,500 /$ 10,00,000
Current: $12,110 /$ 8,97,669
Accepts foreign funds: Yes

  • Helping underprivileged families with Covid-19 treatment. 
  • Impoverished families with mounting medical bills. 
  • Teenagers and students who are handling and treating their family on their own. 
  • Anyone suffering financial difficulties, with covid-19 treatment. 
  • The funds shall be transferred directly to the mutual aid beneficiary(s) against valid documents such as medical/hospital/pharmacy bill

Help isolated adivasi families, rag pickers and transients survive Covid-19  

Location: Maharashtra, India
Platform: Annada
Target: $ 45,00,000 / $ 60,700
Reached: $ 24,50,734 / $33,072
Accepts foreign funds? No

Providing daily sustenance to about 3800 rag pickers, homeless individuals, street hawkers, small shop workers, and isolated rural/tribal communities

Underprivileged and below poverty line families need funding for   emergency food, sanitary items and PPE. 

Who runs it: Necessity of Education Equality and Dignity
Location: Siddipet district of Telangana
Platform fundraising: direct transfer.
Target Amount: USD 100,000 / USD 1349
Current Amount: USD 10,000/ USD 135
What they do: We are willing to supplement the underprivileged and Below-poverty line families with the basic necessities like Rice, vegetables, soaps, masks, sanitisers, sanitary pads and other possible needs based on the requirements of the family. We intend to reach as many families as possible.
Payment details:
Bank of baroda
Name : Necessity of education equality and dignity
Siddipet branch, telangana
Phone pay and G pay : 8466897589

365 Smiles – The O2 Drive

Location: Bangalore
Platform: GooglePay (9845971658 OR 9606949494 OR 7998888088)
Only INR donations accepted Who runs it: 365 Smiles, in collaboration with #MercyMission

  • Help hospitals across the country get immediate access to oxygen concentrators
  • Hospitals listed on funding page

Support Grassroots Organisations Carrying out COVID Work In India

Location: New Delhi
Platform: Milaap
Who runs it: Pari Bishen/ Collective of student volunteers
Target: Rs 6,50,000/ $8772
Current: Rs. 4,41,769 / $5959
Accepts foreign funds: Yes (If you’re in the US, Venmo us at: Pari-Bishen)

  • Collective of student volunteers from universities in the US, UK, and India raising funds for organizations that are providing much-needed relief work in India.   
  • The funds are raised for grassroot organisations doing relief work for- 
  • The Migrant Workers Solidarity Network that has been undertaking relief efforts amongst daily wage migrant workers in different villages of central and northern India, including Delhi-NCR region.  They provide ration and pay for medical and transport bills.
  • Mehram Kashmir is an organization committed to the upliftment and assistance of women in Kashmir against gender-based violence. They are calling for donations to buy medical supplies for families in Kashmir affected by the second wave of COVID-19. 
  • The Tedhi Lakeer Foundation serves rural communities in Nagda, Madhya Pradesh. They are in urgent need of funds for supplies for families that have lost their livelihoods due to the lockdown in the area.

800 transgender women and families need emergency food supplies

Location: Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu
Platform: Milaap
Target: Rs. 800,000/$10,796
Reached: Rs. 800,000/ $10,796 !!!
Who runs it: Rakshika Raj, trans nurse
Foreign funds: Yes!

Rakshika Raj, a transgender nurse and activist, is raising emergency funds to feed 800 transgender women and families during the second deadly wave of COVID in Chengalpattu, TN, India. 

Emergency PPE, food and medicines for impoverished slum residents in Maharashtra

Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra
Who runs it: Gram Seva Sangh (
Platform: Milaap
Target: $1350/ Rs. 1,00,000
Raised: $1489/ Rs.1,10,350 !!!
Accepts foreign funds: Yes!

As we all know, Covid-19 has affected Maharashtra the worst. The current lockdown means that these poor people have been left without any source of income. They do not have enough food, and also lack basic sanitation and hygiene resources to survive the ongoing crisis. Many families have already been affected by the virus. The next few weeks are very critical and we want to help and support these families during these difficult times. We wish to donate preventive kits, food kits, grocery, dairy products, and basic amenities to all such families and ensure that they survive the pandemic that has spread widely throughout these areas.

Urgent Help Needed for This Trans Person Providing Shelter To The Needy

Location: Bengaluru
Who runs it: Satvik Sharma
Platform: Milaap
Target: Rs 1,00,000 / $ 1349.61
Reached: Rs. 1,35,569/ $ 1829 !!!
Accepts foreign funds: yes

  • Being disowned by her own family for being a trans person, Nakshatra knows how difficult it is to survive in this world with no income, food, and shelter. She always dreamt of starting her own non-profit organization to provide shelter and food to the homeless.
  • Nammane Summane is a temporary shelter for intersex persons, orphans, Transpersons,  LGBTQ+ individuals, persons living with HIV, persons living with disabilities, senior citizens, it’s open for all.
  • This place was self-funded, with some support from individuals and organizations. But Today, India is again hit by the most disastrous wave of Covid-19 and the community’s lives are affected due to lockdowns, the health care system collapsing, and loss of livelihoods.
  • They are in dire need of your support and help.

They Need Support in –

Rent- 15000*3 months = 45000 INR

Food-10000*3 months = 30000 INR

Health Related needs like medicines = 5000*3 Months= 15000 INR

Emergency Fund= 10000 INR

A total of 100000 Indian Rupees.

Moitri Sanjog Fundraiser 

Location: WB, India
Bank details:
Account no : 32937649679
State bank of india Branch New Town coochbehar
Branch code : 15951
IFSC code : SBIN0015951
UPI: 7063418696

The Moitri Sanjog Society is a community-based collective of transgender people, GNC people and sex workers in Cooch Behar, north Bengal. The organisation is buying masks, sanitizer, dettol, vitamins and medicines to ensure that the community’s basic healthcare needs are met and they can still go out and earn a living in the safest way possible.