Save Indian Trans ALLINDIA Lives (#SITAL)
COVID-19 Relief

SITAL (Save Indian Trans ALLINDIA Lives) is a COVID-19 relief effort focused on Indian trans, hijra, intersex, third gender, and non-binary communities facing unprecedented neglect, isolation, infection, and starvation due to the ongoing covid-19 second wave. 

Spearheaded by US-based Parivar Bay Area, fiscally sponsored by LGBT Asylum Project, this coordinated effort was a modest effort to support the 5 organizations that we work with throughout the year on Trans entrepreneurship, economic justice, and vocational trainings. However, the situation is so dire in this second wave that many organizations reached out to us pleading for rations and medical kits. And SITAL became a pan India effort overnight to help Indian Trans Hijra lives and is now working vigorously to support over 25 registered community organizations distributing critical supplies to over 10,000 communities spanning 44 districts in 14 states. We are swiftly working to scale and build the network to mobilize communities, gather community needs, gather resources and rations and distribute through our grassroots network.

The next phases of SITAL include:

Vaccine Equity

We have begun gathering data from the community and trying to get appointments/slots for those that meet the eligibility. We aim to drive vaccine access and equity especially for those within the Hijra Trans community that do not have proper identification i.e. Adhar card, PAN card, etc. & more importantly those who can’t access online portals through their smartphones.

Health Equity

As we build makeshift treatment spaces which are aimed to be within community spaces, we aim to work with local health partner CBOs to build sustainable nodal points to serve those that are isolated and more importantly those that have recovered from COVID-19 for continued support. We have begun discussions with Sadanah foundation to secure medical kits and equipment in a scaled manner. Additionally, we are beginning to hold awareness sessions and trainings with the community.

Information Equity

Given that there is very limited data about The Hijra Trans community, we are beginning to build databases that will hold individual level information across each location/district/CBO to ensure we can conduct follow-ups, continue support and help them return to normalcy in the long run. Such data collections are being done on excel docs entering handwritten lists maintained by the SITAL are being done on Excel and handwritten lists. This compilation will help us assess community needs with details and in a scaled manner.

Economic equity

One of ParivarBayArea’s key focus areas is to continue building capability amongst Hijra Trans folx. As we emerge from this second wave, we aim to continue helping folx rebuild by opening small scale businesses, gain skills through vocational training and continued education.

Account name: Yugantar, Account Number: 06440100015674
IFSC Code: BARB0BARAT(fifth character is zero)
Branch Name: Barkatpura, Hyderabad.
To donate by GPay, please transfer to +91 70759 68101

EIN number is 47-5301730
ParivarBayArea is fiscally sponsored by LGBT Asylum project